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Petscop 13

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Petscop 13
  • Uploaded: March 11, 2018
  • Length: 7m06s
  • Pieces counts:
    • Starts with Pieces ?
    • Ends with Pieces ?
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The thirteenth video, after another (short) hiatus.

The previous video description continues to be used:

Everything we wish to say is below:

The purpose of this YouTube channel is to preserve and display the recordings within the video game "Petscop" while keeping some of their content private.

They were first given to us as a Christmas gift, many years ago. The game had an interesting journey, before and after that day.

Paul created some additional recordings in 2017 as a way to show Petscop gameplay to his friend. He created this account in order to upload those additional recordings in video format. He later passed ownership of the channel to us, but continued to record himself at our strong suggestion. Though he had issues with the arrangement, these have finally been settled.

Please enjoy the recordings in Petscop! We do. :)


This section is not finished.


This section is not finished.


Huh. Looks like we finally made some progress. I think. Well, just got to figure out what to do with it. You know what, it probably has to do with the thing on the.. The tool on the road. Try to get that. Huh. Yeah. Try to get that. Hh-hh. Yeah, these two are definitely.. It's blocking it. Don't know what that means. We can use that. Right, so it comes up. And if I.. OH. Eh. Wow, OK. This is..
OK. Wha-
OK, this is a new file. Uh, it might have occurred to you, as it occurred to me that, uh.. These rooms are, uh.. This room and the, uh.. House, are counter-parts, cause they both have this bucked, and they are shaped similarly, so I thought I would try out, uh.. What we did before, uh.. this, this bucket is annoying to move around. Uh, just gonna, yeah.
And uh, it worked. God, I'm not gonna be able to get this through it.
OK. Hm. Can I? This is working out pretty well. And I'm feeling some doubt because this bucket seems way too.. small. Uh. But I should not have felt doubt, just once.


Demo Recording

I just.. Did I..

R n t
 o e h

Roneth is Toneth's baby

Because he's younger, he gets to
learn from all of Toneth's

That's why he always looks both

He doesn't get into trouble. You
won't have to watch him all the
time. He's good.

Well, we finally, got that one.
Last one.


Congratulations ... you caught
every pet in Even Care (aside
from Toneth, who isn't here yet).

You have seen everything in the
game, so far, but there will
obviously be more.

It's a growing organism.

Your controller inputs will be
useful, but your feedback will be
even more useful.

Please leave the Playstation on
when you leave. You can stand up