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Petscop 2

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Petscop 2
  • Uploaded: April 1, 2017
  • Length: 11m59s
  • Pieces counts:
    • Starts with Pieces 55
    • Ends with Pieces ?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16

The second video. Revealed at the same time as the first video, this one mostly explores the area under Newmaker Plane. The place called... Under the Newmaker Plane.

The video description was left blank.


Paul gets his first taste of the area Under the Newmaker Plane, after the Cellar Door mysteriously opens. Underneath it, he finds an Office, hears about Care, gets his first glimpse of the Frozen House, the School, and the Windmill, has a chat with TOOL, watches the Windmill for a few minutes, meets Tiara, and eventually works his way back up onto the Newmaker Plane where he began.

A little sparse for a summary, I suppose.

Points of interest

Quitter's Room Clock

While Paul is in the Quitter's Room, the clock on the wall can be seen two times:

Before, 4:15 After, 4:20
Remember, these are reversed. Though not if you actually open the images themselves, eheh.

The game appears to keep time while it is being played. This same design of clock has shown up in a few other places as well... [todo: add link to the car ride when that's done]


(This video starts with Pieces 55 on the counter.)

Newmaker Plane

  • 00:24 Jump cut. The player is now south of the door, walking around.
  • 00:24 Paul: "Hey, so, uh... The door opened on its own. Uh... I was just in the other room for... A couple of minutes, and I came back and the door was open. And I checked the recording, cause I was recording, and... the door just opens on its own, I didn't do anything. So... I'll take it, right? Uh... So, I'm gonna show you what's in here, now. I haven't seen it yet. So, uh... This could be interesting.

Under the Newmaker Plane

Office area

At the top of the stairs The furnace-like machine In the lower-right alcove

  • 01:10 Paul appears on the stairs in the Furnace Room, facing downwards.
  • 01:13 Paul: "Huh."
  • 01:14 Paul collects the Pieces 4 left of the stairway.
  • 01:18 Paul collects the Pieces 4 in the alcove at the bottom-right of the room.
  • 01:24 Paul walks around and behind the vibrating, furnace-like object to the right of the stairs.
  • 01:33 Paul exits through the opening at the left, into the Office Hallway.
  • 01:34 Paul walks left, collecting pieces in groups of Pieces 4, Pieces 8, Pieces 4, Pieces 6, and Pieces 5.
  • 01:38 A phone is barely audible coming from the left. As Paul approaches, it grows louder.
  • 01:45 Paul: "That a phone?"
  • 01:48 Paul exits through the opening at the left, into the Office proper. The phone continues to ring.
The inside of the office, phone ringing In the middle
  • 01:49 The Office is visible, with the phone animating as it rings.
  • 01:52 Paul interacts with the phone, which animates to have its receiver upright.

"Care left the room."

The note on the right side of the room
  • 01:57 Paul (with the message box still open): "What is this."
  • 02:06 Paul checks the corkboard, showing the Care A/B/NLM Note.
  • 02:08 Paul: "A, B, N-L-M."
  • 02:17 Paul collects the Pieces 3 in the lower left of the office, walking around the lower part of the office for a moment.
  • 02:20 Paul: "Uh..."
  • 02:23 Paul exits left to the Building Photo Path.

Winding roads

Just after leaving the office to the right
  • 02:26 Paul walks down the path towards the screen. The camera does not move, and Paul ends up walking far enough that the area becomes completely dark and his footsteps can no longer be heard.
  • 02:32 Paul: "Nothin'!"
  • 02:32 Paul returns from the bottom of the screen, walking upwards, collecting 3 groups of 4 pieces, totalling Pieces 12.
  • 02:41 Paul reaches the first right turn of the path and looks at the picture of the Frozen House.
The picture of the Frozen House
Original Brightened
The picture of the Frozen House Now slightly more visible
  • 02:48 Paul exits the picture and heads right, collecting Pieces 4.
  • 02:51 Paul turns left along the path, collecting another three 4-piece groups, for Pieces 12 more.
  • 02:58 Paul reaches the second right turn, viewing the picture of the School. An ominous sound is heard.[todo: upload it to sounds]
The picture of the School
Original Brightened
And now, the school Brighter pictures for brighter students
  • 03:03 Paul exits the picture and heads right, collecting Pieces 4.
  • 03:05 Paul turns left along the path, collecting another three 4-piece groups, for Pieces 12 more.
  • 03:12 Paul reaches the third right turn, viewing the picture of the Windmill.
The picture of the Windmill
Original Brightened
This is extremely dark These are really high-resolution renders, considering
  • 03:16 Paul exits the picture and heads right, to the Road.

From the zig-zag path to the left The opening to the back

  • 03:19 Paul begins walking right towards the roadway. A car is heard from the right, travelling on it.
  • 03:21 Paul stops before the path changes, collecting the bottom group of Pieces 5.
  • 03:24 Paul: "This just keeps going."
  • 03:24 Paul collects the top group of Pieces 5 and heads to the right. Another car, blue, drives down the roadway as it comes into view.
Original Brightened
Who is even driving these cars Turn on your goddamn headlights!
  • 03:27 Paul walks across the road, collecting Pieces 1 out of the line of five.
Yeah that's cool I didn't need to see back here anyway, thanks
  • 03:29 Paul turns back and walks up the road, collecting Pieces 4. The camera does not move but stays even with the hallway.
  • 03:31 Paul walks around this area, unable to see the player, but occasionally collecting unseen pieces, totalling Pieces 11.
  • 03:34 Paul: "Uhh... Yeah."
  • 03:50 Paul returns from the area behind the opening and walks the other way on the road, like with the downward path at the previous room. The camera stays fixed in place as his footsteps and light circle fade.
  • 04:01 Paul returns from the bottom area and heads right, collecting a group of Pieces 6 near the opening to Mike's Grave, and then collects Pieces 4 more as he moves towards the Child Library Hallway.
  • 04:14 Paul returns to the opening and exits north to Mike's Grave.

Under the Newmaker Plane, back half

Nothing to see here, yet EXTREMELY EXCITING

  • 04:22 Paul appears at the south enterance point in Mike's Grave.
  • 04:23 Paul: "Hm."
  • 04:24 Paul collects the Pieces 4 along the white fence to the left.
  • 04:25 Paul: "Sorry for not talking very much! I'm a little bewildered, if you wanna know the truth."
  • 04:30 Paul collects the Pieces 6 in front of the tombstone.
  • 04:33 Paul collects the Pieces 5 around the rock at the bottom right.
  • 04:35 Paul: "This is a little more than I was expecting to see."

Michael Hammond
1988 - 1995
Mike was a gift.

  • 04:47 Paul: "That's a dead kid! ... Yep. ... (quietly) Hmm."
  • 04:57 Paul exits the tombstone text.
  • 04:59 Paul: "Yup."

The Daisy and Care NLM

All sixteen petals accounted for Uh oh

  • 05:00 Paul enters the Daisy Shack. The entire screen is tinted a slight red.
  • 05:02 Paul: "'kay."
  • 05:04 Paul interacts with the daisy, which jettisons one of its petals with a loud noise[todo: get dat sounds]. The red tint fades and the daisy lowers slightly.
  • 05:06 Paul interacts with it again, jettisoning another petal, 7 times in total. Each time, the daisy lowers slightly, and the screen alternates between tinted red and being clear.
  • 05:13 Paul pauses for a brief moment before picking another 6 petals, leaving 3 left. He then stops.
  • 05:20 Paul: "Wait."
Can't touch this, yet
  • 05:28 Paul walks around the daisy shack basement, going around the right side of the pillar. The camera and lighting are fixed and do not move; the player fades into darkness.
  • 05:32 Paul walks around the other side of the pillar, with the same result.
  • 05:38 Paul leaves the daisy shack basement again and returns to the upper floor. The daisy has three petals and is about even with the hole in the floor.
  • 05:47 Paul interacts with the daisy 3 more times, removing the remaining petals. The circular bulb falls away and the screen stays tinted red.
  • 05:52 Paul walks to the right of the hole and back; the camera and lighting in this room do not move, either, and the player fades into the dark again.
  • 05:56 Paul returns, exits, and re-enters the basement again.

Now you've done it It's okay, you'll fix it later with some lies

  • 06:02 The screen is tinted red. The pillar has lowered and the grass is even with the gray tile; the gray stem of the daisy is still visible. Care NLM has taken on a stuttering, glitch-esque appearance.
  • 06:04 Paul walks forwards, revealing that Care NLM is intangible and cannot be caught.
  • 06:06 Paul: "OK."
  • 06:10 Paul exits the basement, returning to Mike's Grave once more, occasionally walking left aimlessly while talking.
  • 06:10 Paul: "Huh. Wait. I dunno. So when I first came down here, I thought I was just gonna see, like, one room. Uh. Like something, but not... this. Can I go in here? I can!"


That thing in front animates, and is also nigh invisible, like everything else Technically you see this first, not second, but it's to the right of the other image...

I like potted plants And also all these crayon drawings. Some people think you can read the words on this one! Entering the TOOL alcove

I don't know, either.
absolutely riveting
  • 06:54 Paul collects the first Pieces 4 in front of the doorway, and checks the drawings on the walls.
  • 07:05 Paul collects another group of Pieces 2 as he moves to the right.
  • 07:13 Paul checks the right wall of the room, before heading up to the alcove TOOL resides in and collecting Pieces 4.
  • 07:20 Paul, seeing he can interact with TOOL: "Oh—"
  • 07:21 Paul interacts with TOOL, bringing up the full-screen text-input with 'Ask: ?'.[todo: maybe a page for text inputs?]
  • 07:25 Paul: "What?"
  • 07:37 Paul enters "What" as the question and submits it; the prompt exits the screen.
  • 07:39 TOOL: "I don't know", as drawn-out words written in pale red, lowers from above and circles around itself. (📝 POI: All of TOOL's responses are like this.)
  • 07:42 Paul: "(snorts) ... know."
  • 07:43 Paul walks around the left of TOOL, coming to the back wall with the screen showing camera's view of the Windmill. Unlike most things, the interaction symbol follows him as he moves along the back wall.
  • 07:47 Paul opens the view of the Windmill, which is visible and turning clockwise.
  • 07:54 Paul: "OK."
  • 07:54 Paul exits the view and slowly walks around the right side of TOOL as its message changes.
  • 07:55 TOOL: The previous message rises up and disappars. Two seconds later, another message comes down. "Keep watching the Windmill"
  • 08:01 Paul: (surprised) "Uhhhh. ... Uhhhhh. (nervous laughter)"
  • 08:08 Paul walks back up to the screen and resumes watching the Windmill, which is still visible and spinning clockwise.
  • 08:36 Paul: "Alright, so, it's been like two minutes. And, uh, when those sounds were playing there was nothing happening as far as I could tell, and nothing has happened since. So, I'm just gonna keep going.
  • 08:48 Paul exits the view of the windmill. TOOL's message to keep watching it continues floating.
  • 08:50 Paul: "There's already been stuff... That I could dig a little deeper into. And I'm gonna do that, uh, and keep you[todo: "you" = Jill?] updated."
  • 09:02 Paul: "Uh... But also, uh... When you come home, next month, and, uh... Hopefully you're feeling a little more enthusiastic about that now. We can investigate this together..."

Quitters' Time

We'll just go up here and oh.

  • 09:03 Paul returns to the Back T Junction and goes right to the Quitter Hallway, immediately collecting the Pieces 3 in front of him.
  • 09:11 Paul passes the left Quitter's Room entrance, collecting Pieces 1 from the next group of 3, before doubling back and moving up to examine it. He collects Pieces 2 more before being blocked by a red-ground wall. He walks around in the blocked passageway for a few seconds.
  • 09:15 Paul: (continuing) "... and maybe you'll find stuff that I can't find, here."
  • 09:19 Paul exits the blocked passage and continues right, collecting the Pieces 2 he left behind and encountering the right entrance. He stops for a moment before heading up into it. (📝 POI: The transition to the hallway happens well before the wall, if it were present, would have blocked his progress.)

Well at least this one is open. Looong hallway...

  • 09:24 Paul enters a thin passageway on the way to the Quitter's Room proper. (📝 POI: Unlike the blocked side, there are no pieces here, and the passageway you enter is much thinner than it was outside.)

Oh hi there. This one came first again, but it's on the right, so...

This has still, as of episode 16, not been adequately explained.
  • 09:42 After walking around the room and watching Tiara mimic his movements, Paul walks behind the bookcase. The same tones that played when the cellar door opened play again, and Tiara no longer mimics the player's movements perfectly, as well as being delayed by about half a second. As this goes on, Tiara's movements are even further "incorrect".
  • 09:47 Paul: "Uhh, what the fuck? ... Wait a second."
  • 09:53 Paul stops moving and faces left. Tiara catches up, stops moving, and then snaps back to mimicking him perfectly. When Paul starts moving again, Tiara mirrors his movements exactly.
  • 09:57 Paul: "What was that just now? Can I get that to happen again?"
  • 10:02 Paul tries going back behind the bookcase, but nothing out of the ordinary happens.
  • 10:06 Paul: "Wait. Uhh..."
  • 10:13 A short jump cut. Paul (and Tiara) have gone from facing up against the wall, to facing downwards and being a bit further south.
  • 10:14 Paul: "Hey sorry I had to look at that for a moment, uh... in the video. I was a little nervous. Uh... The tones, I think those were the same tones, uh... That you might have heard in the beginning, I'm gonna put in the beginning the part where the door opened. Uh..."
  • 10:20 Paul occasionally moves around by the wall while talking. Tiara mirrors him.
  • 10:33 Paul: "And also the way the guy, on the other side, was moving for a moment. I'm gonna... ask for your comment later on that. Um..."

All these clocks look the same. I don't.

I'm not sure what the point of a mirrored room would be, especially not for someone who quit halfway, unless you're supposed to go through the wall/mirror somehow
  • 10:43 Paul moves away from the middle wall, along the bottom side of the room, and then up to the top right, where a clock and note are on the wall. Paul checks the note.
  • 10:42 Paul: "So I was looking around here. So, this is backwards, it says, uh... 'Do you remember being born?' Uh..."
  • 10:55 Paul stops viewing the note and walks to the bottom of the room, where QUITTER'S ROOM is written on the ground.
  • 10:55 Paul: "And this just says 'Quitter's Room'. So, interestingly, I'm on the, uh... Reverse side... here. Uh... Yeah. OK, so. Moving on."
  • 11:09 Paul exits the Quitter's Room and heads down the passage.
  • 11:13 Paul enters the Quitter Hallway and heads right, to the Back Stairway.
  • 11:14 Paul walks north through the Back Stairway passageway, towards the stairs.

This is just right of the right Quitter's Room passageway, mind. It's not polite to stair

Newmaker Plane again

Just think! If you had walked left, you'd have found the windmill! Or the camera, at least
  • 11:27 Paul exits onto the Newmaker Plane, by the Newmaker Plane Back Door. He wanders around the door, eventually heading slightly east, then west, then back to the door.
  • 11:29 Paul: "And I'm back up here again. This again..."
  • 11:47 Paul: "Well, OK, I'm not gonna do that right now."
  • 11:55 Paul stops moving, slightly south-west of the door.
  • 11:56 Paul: "Alright, so, I'm gonna stop this now, actually."

(Video ends.)