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Petscop 4

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Petscop 4
  • Uploaded: April 7, 2017
  • Length: 2m02s
  • Pieces counts:
    • Starts with Pieces ?
    • Ends with Pieces ?
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The fourth video. This one took almost a week to come out! Little did we know.

The video description was left blank.


Paul, travelling up the back stairway, realizes that he is indeed above the area below. Using this, he finds that, approximately where the TOOL Room — with its large screen showing the Windmill — is, there is a camera that is pointed north towards a flat, semi-transparent polygon shape floating above the ground and swaying from left to right slightly — where the Windmill normally is.

This is the first appearance of Marvin, who makes something of a very brief appearance near the end, and goes unnoticed by Paul.


Under the Newmaker Plane

The Camera and the Windmill

  • 0:14 Exits the Back Door and enters the Newmaker Plane.
  • 0:16 Paul: "So if you remember what I was trying to explain yesterday, and failed to explain uh... I'm just gonna demonstrate that to you now."
  • 0:28 Paul begins walking left towards the camera.
  • 0:33 Paul reaches the camera, which is black and at its upper position, facing the location of the Windmill. He walks around it idly while explaining it.
  • 0:34 Paul: "There we go. So I found this yesterday. And, uh... The way I understand this, is... So, we're upstairs, right now. Uh... You just saw me walk up some stairs. So, if you were to imagine what is... Wha-- Wha-- What would be exactly below where I'm standing right now. Uh. And I worked it out, It's roughly the area where you have the big screen, uh... With the windmill. Uh. And so, I think... So, this... This I think is a camera, and if I walk in this direction..."
  • 1:23 Paul begins walking upwards, towards the Windmill.
  • 1:26 Paul reaches the Windmill, or rather, its transparent placeholder, slowly moving left and right. He walks around the right side, then back around the front, then around the right again, around the back, then...
  • 1:26 Paul: "This is, uh... Roughly where the, uh... Windmill would be. Why there isn't actually a windmill here, I don't know. Uh. It looks sort of like a place holder for it. Uh."
  • 1:51 Paul: "But yeah, I think my understanding is correct. It's just, uh... I'm missing something. OK. That's it."
  • 1:56 Paul walks right behind the windmill's placeholder. Marvin appears faintly in the top right of the video, walks down a little, and then walks back up into the shadows as Paul walks towards the right.

(Video ends.)