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Petscop 6

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Petscop 6
  • Uploaded: April 20, 2017
  • Length: 13m38s
  • Pieces counts:
    • Starts with Pieces ?
    • Ends with Pieces ?
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The sixth video, in which you get the exciting view of several hours of windmill spinning. Or would if not for the jump cuts. Phew!

The video description was left blank.


This section is not finished.


This section is not finished.




That was kinda fun, actually. G-- Going through a four hour video, and noticing that, on one half of the video the windmill is going in one direction, and in the other half it's going in the other direction. And, uh.. Pin pointing where the change occurred, and, uh.. The fuck is this? 
That's neat. 
Well, that's red, now. Oh, uh. Yeah, I was gonna mention this, actually, in a--nother video. I've come up here before and seen it.. I've seen the camera this height before. Uh. I don't know what causes it to happen, but, uh.. Sometimes I just come up here and it's at this height. Uh. It makes sense in this case, I think, as the.. The character was, like, right up at the camera, here. Uh, and it seemed to be right at this level. Uhm. Heh. Well, uh.. This is still here.


Oh my god. Oh my god. Nothin' else. OK. Let's look at what we got.

Have you found 
anything weird 

There is much to 
find in this place.

Amber           Randice 
Pen             Toneth 
???             Wavey


(Enter a description here)


- A bird. I think I forgot what 
birds look like.

- "Funny stupid blob monster" 
says Mike. That's what it is.

- Painter. Painting puzzle.

- Catch Randice first(?)

- Has broken leg for some reason. 
I already hung him on a wall, too 
late to take it back. It makes me 
think about the dog actually. 
Because when the car hit him I 
thought "at least it will be over 
soon." He survived it, and I was 
the only one who still wanted to 
put him down.A dog is an innocent

Uh-oh. Uh.. Uh-oh. "I was the only one who still wanted to put him down." Uhm..

When that dog wags its tail and it 
it appears happy, it's not real.

I guess that's toneth then. 
toneth toneth toneth toneth 
toneth toneth toneth toneth 
toneth toneth toneth toneth 
toneth toneth toneth toneth 
toneth. the end. it's yucky outside.

What've.. What have I just walked into? Oh, that's it. Heh. Ah-he. Yeah, OK. Uh. That's.. Heh. OK, so I actually.. This is.. This is new to me. I haven't seen this. Yeah, so I.. I tried going down here, before. But I think, actually, that was before I even put in the code. So, I just discovered this, just now. Uhm. But you know what, I think, actually this.. I think I know what this is. This is our, uh.. A/B/NLM. You know, you recognize the shape of this one, and then you have.. So, I don't know what this is here, though. Uhm. Yeah. So I didn't imagine you could catch this, I mean.. I walked into it, nothing happened. Discovering a lot of interesting things. Oh, uh.. Oops. I meant to.. Talk about this. Cause this doesn't do anything, right? This menu option, nothing happens. I'm guessing at some point you can name your pets. Uh. Right, and this was like suggestions, or something. Uh, yeah. Yeah, so it's that. Showing that doesn't do anything. Alright!
Huhm. Alright.

Where is my house?

You'll never 
go home

Where is the school?

You can't go 
back in 

This game is trying very hard to make it seem like, uhm.. Like there's an entity in it. Like a.. A ghost, or an AI, trying to communicate with me. It's interesting. But you know, the way you know, that there's a ghost in a game trying to communicate with you, is if it comes out, if it stops being distant, and it comes out and you can have a, you know.. A real time back and forth with it. Uh. And it stops being so one way. Like, I.. I leave my playstation and it comes.. Comes out and, uh.. It does this prerecorded thing. Uh. And, well. The closest thing that's happened to that is.. Last video, you know, it actually answers my questions, but, you know it only responded to two of my questions, and the first one.. The first question I asked, it didn't even answer that question, so.. Uh. No obvious interactivity happening. And all.. It answered the second question, but that could have been a coincidence. Uhm. Yeah. So, uh.. Not entirely convincing yet. But you know, looking forward to what I might see next. It's very interesting, this game. Uh. Cause you can walk around and something will just happen. You know. Cause I created a new file, and, uh.. I tried to be scientific about it. I went.. I went tah.. And did all the same things that I did this time, and, uh.. The same things did not happen. None of the things happened, none of the oddities occured. Like the thing in the mirror room, for example. Uhm. So, there's a bit of randomness in it, and it's interesting how it doesn't seem to really care if you see everything, I guess. Uhm. Yeah, so, it's interesting.