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Petscop 9

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Petscop 9
  • Uploaded: May 24, 2017
  • Length: 15m11s
  • Pieces counts:
    • Starts with Pieces ?
    • Ends with Pieces ?
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The ninth video. The slowdown started here.

Interestingly, this video appears to have a custom thumbnail (paste the video URL into it); while the other videos all seem to use one of the three auto-generated thumbnails, the one for this video is notably different and features letterboxing along the top and bottom.

The video description was left blank.


This section is not finished.


This section is not finished.

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Uhh. Only works when I go.. This way. This..
Doesn't work with that one.
You kidding me?

You found her.

You may visit her room.


You must have guessed, but I 
was looking through your things.

I found that picture of you from 
1977, standing in front of an 
old windmill with your friend.

You went there, and it was a bad 
idea. Your friend and the windmill 
both disappeared into thin air.

Her sister was holding the 
camera. She took another 
picture minutes later: just you, 
no windmill, and no friend.

You married her sister, and 
years later, your friend was 
reborn as your daughter.

Your wife won't admit this is 
true, but I know it, because I 
found the evidence.

Your friend never returned with 
you, and the windmill was gone. I 
went to see it myself. Where is
it? What did you do?

- Rainer, Newmaker

Wh-- What the fuck.
OK, so there's a bit of weirdness with the camera here.

It's a picture of two friends, 
[Toneth](Red) and [Randice](Green).

Are they not cute? Give them a 

When you're choosing a pet, find 
one that you like.

You don't have to love them 
right away.

Don't be discouraged if they run 
from you! They really do want a 

They're afraid. Show them that 
there's nothing to be afraid of.

It's a trophy, "awarded to our 
[Amber](Blue) for being a real champ 
yesterday and today."

"She hasn't left her cage once!"

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Uhm. OK. Alright.


You're in the 
other place too!

Care NLM

Care NLM escaped from the 
school's basement and wandered 
the Newmaker Plane for days.

To catch her, you had to lie, but it 
may not be a lie forever.

You're the Newmaker. You can 
turn Care NLM into Care A, and 
close the loop.


The pets really 
seem to like you. 
Thanks for playing 

You've decided to leave [Care 

If you change your mind within 6 
months, you can take [Care NLM](Yellow) 

What month is it, anyway? What 
year is it?