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Petscop 8

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Petscop 8
  • Uploaded: May 9, 2017
  • Length: 3m59s
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The eighth video. Just over a week since the last video, now.

The video description was left blank.


Paul meets Marvin at the Road. Marvin proceeds to walk along the Building Photo Path, stopping in front of the Frozen House and School pictures and circling in front of them. He then walks down towards the walkway to the Office, before walking against the western wall, circling around, and then walking north, ascending an invisible ramp and disappearing. Paul ascends to the Newmaker Plane hoping to find him above ground, but his search comes up empty.

After a cut, Paul talks to an unnamed and unheard second party about the possibility of a passage having existed there at one point, mentioning that his mother reportedly had the game as of 2004.


Examining cars

Original Brightened
Someone isn't looking both ways. Where are the streetlights?
  • 0:00 The player is walking on the road.
  • 0:03 They walk left; a blue car appears from the opening and drives downards. (📝 POI: All of the cars here appear from the opening and drive downwards towards the 'screen'.)
Original Brightened
One of many blue cars. No headlights, either?
  • 0:06 They walk back to the right, pauses, and then walks a bit further. Another blue car appears drives past.
  • 0:09 They walk upwards, towards the wall. A red car appears and drives past.
Original Brightened
These cars have like, 4 frames of animation. Or rather, they only 'move' four times, as opposed to moving smoothly.
  • 0:11 The player walks towards the center of the opening and stays still for several seconds.
  • 0:19 They walk downwards to the center of the hallway, and then walk right.
  • 0:22 After stopping, another blue car appears and drives downwards. (📝 POI: Cars never appear while the player is within a certain distance of the roadway.)
  • 0:24 They walk past the left side of the roadway again.
  • 0:27 Once more, a red car appears drives past.
  • 0:29 They move downwards slightly; another red car drives past.
  • 0:30 The player stands in the center of the roadway again.
  • 0:36 They walk to the right again, off of the roadway. Almost immediately, a blue car drives past. (📝 POI: For reference, that's blue, blue, red, blue, red, red, blue.)
  • 0:41 They walk back into the center of the roadway again.
  • 0:43 They walk back to the right of the roadway; instead of a car, Marvin appears, walking down from the opening.
Original Brightened
This one's a Chevroleg! That's a joke, see, because, legs.
  • 0:44 Paul: "What?"
  • 0:45 Marvin beings walking to the left, and Paul follows behind. Marvin is slightly, but noticeably, faster than Paul.

Marvin's photo tour

  • 0:58 Marvin stops in front of the picture of the School. Paul catches up, stopping on top of Marvin, and examines the picture.
  • 1:03 Paul exits the picture. Marvin is walking in counter-clockwise circles in front of it.
Original Brightened
You can't tell but he's very much walking in circles. Counter-clockwise circles. Very important detail. Probably.
  • 1:10 Marvin stops going in circles and begins heading south again. Paul follows him once more.
  • 1:18 Paul catches up to Marvin, who is standing in front of the Frozen House picture. Paul examines the picture while Marvin stands still.
  • 1:21 Paul exits the picture; Marvin is walking in small, counter-clockwise circles in front of it again.
  • 1:25 Paul: "This is Marvin, right?"
  • 1:29 Marvin stops moving, and heads south again. Paul follows again.
  • 1:31 Paul: "This is Marvin."
  • 1:33 Marvin reaches just north of where the hallway east to the Office is, and starts heading west; Marvin walks against the wall, but does not go anywhere. Paul catches up and stops next to him.
Original Brightened
It's interesting how he doesn't move through the wall here As in, he just bumps into it, as it currently exists
  • 1:37 Marvin begins walking in counter-clockwise circles again.
  • 1:39 Paul: "I think you're confused, Marvin."
  • 1:45 Paul: "I don't think you know—"
  • 1:47 Marvin stops moving for a second, and then begins walking west, approximately even with the Office walkway.
  • 1:49 Paul: "I don't think you get what you're, uh... what you're doing."
  • 1:56 Marvin stops moving west (against the wall), and starts moving north. After about 4 steps, he begins rising upwards into the air as he moves north, as if climbing an unseen ramp, and vanishes into the darkness. Paul begins heading north shortly after Marvin starts moving.
Original Brightened
And yet here, the collision for the stairs or ramp seem to be very much present. It doesn't make sense; either the game is storing his position (so he would go through the wall) or it is storing the input (so he would not rise upwards). THESE THINGS BOTHER ME OK
  • 1:57 Paul: "What? Excuse me?"
  • 2:02 Paul reaches the Frozen House picture again, stops for a moment, and then heads east around the turn, going a few steps north before stopping and heading south/west, back the way he came.
  • 2:14 Paul: "He went up. ... Will I find him if I go up?"
  • 2:37 Paul appears inside the Cellar Door and walks south out of it, then starts walking to the west.
  • 2:54 Paul finally stops walking west, and begins to walk north, then north-east.
  • 3:06 Paul stops moving. Nothing has been seen other than the empty Newmaker Plane.
  • 3:07 Paul: "(click sound) I don't know."

Do you remember seeing doors

  • 3:20 Paul: "Yeah well the thing is it's not... here now. There's not even a passageway or anything."
  • 3:21 Paul walks left and bumps into the wall a few times.
  • 3:29 Paul: "Can you remember when you saw this?" (📝 POI: There may be audio of another person in the gaps of this conversation, but it's too quiet to make anything out.)
  • 3:42 Paul: "Well, it could have changed between then and 2004. After 2004 my mom had it, reportedly."
  • 3:55 Paul walks against the wall once more.
  • 3:57 Paul: "Well, OK. Than—" Paul's voice is cut off by the abrupt ending.

(Video ends.)