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I made this wiki.

It's new.

You could say that I was the new maker of the wiki, then.



Notes for later

A little box for me to keep links and stuff while I'm busy screwing everything up writing articles.

  • Icemaster's Petscop Forensics ...
    • "I'm aware that Petscop has an active YouTube and Reddit following, however, I tried to stay away from 3rd-party sources of information/speculation on this series in order to stay as "pure" as possible in my thoughts."
    • me: same hat! same hat!! same hat!
    • The descriptions from this person are pretty good, though some things are off. Probably worth cross-referencing.


I don't really intend on integrating theories here, like the Main Page states.

However, some of them are interesting, and seem like they could fit. While I won't attach these directly into articles, I think keeping them around is good.

  • About Pen: Pen isn't actually deaf. This may help explain the passive-aggressive tone her description is written with.
  • The replacement filename being titled Strange situation sounds like slightly more than a coincidence

"Appears in"


  • GP
    • EC
      • (All EC rooms except EC Back Door)


  • NP
    • Cellar Door
    • Back door
  • UtNP
    • Cellar Door Stairs
    • Empty Hallway
    • Office
    • Zig-zag picture path
    • The road
    • Mike's grave
    • Daisy Shack (top and bottom)
    • Tool room
    • Tool hallway
    • Behind the grave T junction
    • Quitter hallway
    • Quitter's room (R)


  • UtNP
    • Quitter hallway
    • Back staircase
  • NP
    • Camera
    • Windmill


  • UtNP
    • Tool room


  • UtNP
    • Tool room
    • Tool hallway
    • Behind the grave T junction
    • Quitter hallway
    • Back staircase
    • Mike's grave
  • NP
    • Back door
    • Camera
    • Windmill


  • UtNP
    • Quitter's Room (R)
    • Tool hallway
    • Tool room
    • Good Grief and Alas room
    • Child Library
    • Child Library rooms (do we even bother)


  • UtNP
    • The road
    • Zig-zag picture path
    • Office
    • Empty hallway
    • Cellar Door Stairs
  • NP
    • Cellar Door


unsorted location notes made while transcribing petscop 2 for when i make their location pages

Furnace Room
	8 pieces
		Group of 4 pieces on left, in a 2×2 square
		Group of 4 pieces in right alcove, in a 2×2 square
	Square with an alcove in the lower-right corner
	Exit to Office Hallway in lower-left
	Stairway up to the Cellar Door in the center
	Black box with pipe going up shaking to the right of stairs
	Right alcove has two photos of one type, then three of another type
	< Office hallway

Office Hallway
	27 pieces
		Group of 5 pieces at left, in a 1-2-2 layout due to the narrowing path
		Group of 6 pieces in middle-left, in a 3×2 rectangle
		Group of 4 pieces in middle, in a 2×2 square
		Group of 8 pieces in middle-right, in a 4×2 rectangle
		Group of 4 pieces at right, in a 2×2 square
	Tiled floor and common red-ish walls
	Long, wide hallway
	Wider at the right, narrowing before left exit to the Office
	< Office
	> Furnace Room

	3 pieces
		Group of 3 pieces, in a horizontal line
	Black phone, on the desk
	White rolling chair, in front of the desk
	Two filing cabinets, left of the desk
	Hexagonal-tile floors, white walls
	Corkboard on the right wall, with two papers; examining shows the Care A/B/NLM note
	Unlike the [[Office Hallway]], the tiles do not extend downwards
	Doesn't echo
	< Building Photo Path
	> Office

Building Photo Path
		Three groups of 4 after going left and up from the [[Office]], each in a 2×2 square, spaced along the path
		After the right turn at the [[Frozen House]], another group of 4, in a 2×2 square
		Turning up again, another 3 groups of 4 2×2 squares
		After the right turn at the [[School]], another group of 4, in a 2×2 square
		Turning up again, another 3 groups of 4 2×2 squares

	Large, open area, with a wall along the left and top edges, and open pits on the right and bottom
	Pathway directly left and south from the [[Office]] exit does not move the camera but continues on for a while
	First picture is of the [[Frozen House]]

        W  (Windmill picture)
      S |  (School picture)
	F |  (Frozen House picture)

	36 pieces (?)
		Two groups of 5 pieces, in horizontal lines, at the top and bottom of the corridor once it widens
		Group of 5 pieces, in a vertical line, centered under the opening on the road
		At least 11 behind the opening
		Group of 6 pieces, in a 3×2 rectangle, in front of the opening to Mike's Grave
		Group of 4 pieces, in a vertical line, at the right of the room
	Narrow corridor that widens greatly, with the gray tiles transitioning to the same red-wall texture
	Roadway that extends upwards under an overhang and downwards (towards the screen)
	Transition back to red-wall texture, then gray tiles, ending with another opening to the north and a wall at the right, with a small opening
	Cars occasionally travel on it when the Player is not on it

	< Building Photo Path (left path)
	> Child Library Hallway (opening in right wall)
	^ Mike's Grave (upwards opening at right)
	? (road path upwards)
	? (road path downwards)

Mike's Grave
		Group of 4, in a vertical line, at the left edge by the white fence
		Group of 6, in a 3×2 rectangle, in front of the tombstone
		Group of 5, in an arc along the upper-left of the large rock in the bottom right
	Gray tiles transition to grass
	Opening at the left, with a white picket fence blocking it
	A few gray rocks
	Mike's tombstone, the top in the style of a [[Gift Plane]] gift pillar, the bottom with [[Mike]]'s [[Child Library]] face
	The Daisy Shack building, with [[Care]]'s [[Child Library]] face over the main door

	^ (right side) Back T Junction
	* Daisy Shack, main and basement floors
	v Road

Daisy Shack 1F
	Wooden floor atop the typical 'red ground'
	Extremely large daisy, coming up from a hole in the ground
	Rake and shovel leaning against left wall, by the door
	Shelf with a pack of crayons on the right wall
	Bottom entrance visible
	Lighting is fixed in the center of the room
	Screen tints red depending on petals remaining on the daisy
	Room seems to be much "deeper" than it appears (Paul can walk quite far back in it and his footsteps fade)

Daisy Shack B1F
	Gray tile floor
	"red ground" pedestal with grass on top; [[Care NLM]] centered on top of it, and the stem of the daisy rising up too
	Fixed lighting in the center of the room
	Shares its red tint status with the upper floor
	Pillar lowers to the ground when all petals on the daisy are gone, but retains the daisy stem

Back T Junction
	Narrow passageway with red-ground walls and floor.
	Eventually reaches a grassy left-right junction with a yellowish wall to the north.

	v Mike's Grave, behind the Flower Shack
	< TOOL Hallway
	> Quitter's Hallway

TOOL Hallway
	6 Pieces
		2 groups of 3 pieces, in horizontal lines, along the pathway
	Thin, grassy path with 'red ground', and the [[TOOL Room|building]] that [[TOOL]] resides in to the north
	A dark image to the right of the door, with three frames of animation
	White door, open, leading inside the [[TOOL Room]]

	^ TOOL Room
	> Back T Junction

		Group of 4, in a 2×2 square, directly in front of the doorway (verify)
		Group of 2, in a horizontal line, in the upper middle of the hallway
		Group of 4, in a 2×2 square, at the opening to the [[TOOL]] room proper
	Several crayon-like drawings of a blue [[TOOL]] in many places the walls; their position varies each time the room is entered
	A handful of other papers on the wall with similar crayon-like images or words
	Several potted tall plants in clay pots, evenly spaced along the far wall
	Alcove in the back right where TOOL is, with a screen showing the view from the [[camera]], normally of the [[Windmill]]
	Alcove floor and walls are different and appear metallic

	v TOOL Hallway

Quitter Hallway
		Group of 3, in a horizontal line, at the left edge
		Group of 2, in a vertical line, in the left passageway
		Group of 3, in a horizontal line, between the openings

	Grassy path with the same yellow walls
	Quitter's Room, Left Side opening; gray tile floor, blocked by the 'red ground' wall
	Quitter's Room, Right Side opening; gray tile floor, unblocked, transitions into a small, thinner? hallway
	Transition point seems to be "closer" than the wall is
	^ (left): Quitter's Room, left side (blocked)
	^ (right): Quitter's Room, right side
	> Back Stairway

Quitter's Room Passages
	Much thinner than their outside openings
	No pieces inside (right), despite them existing in the left (blocked) passage

Quitter's Room
	No pieces
	Two entries; right (open) is reversed
	"Do you remember being born" note, on the right wall by the clock
	A clock on the back wall of the room, by the note
	Featured in a loading screen
	Contains Tiara, on the other side
	Has "QUITTER'S ROOM" along the floor of the bottom of the room
	Contains Amber's Room link block
	v Quitter's Hallway (through passages)

Back Stairway
	Long, grass-floored passage, with gray walls
	Long passage heads north/south
	North: staircase upwards to the Newmaker Plane Back Door