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Pen on the Pets menu.
Pen on the Pets menu.
Pen on the piano keys.
Pen on the piano keys.

Pen is a pet found in her room. She appears as a round, green-yellow head, atop a curved reddish body, with a single-pixel-thick line going downwards. Her eyes are always closed and she appears to have a faint blush while smiling. Her right hand is slightly lower than her left, and appears to be holding a white ball. Her head appears to have either bowl-cut brown hair, or a brown hat with stripes.

Pen normally stays atop the rightmost piano key. When the player steps onto the piano keys, Pen teleports some distance away. As the player moves on the keys, Pen will teleport between them in the same direction that the player is moving, growing thin and disappearing before appearing on the next key over.


Pen is caught in Petscop 1. Like all of the Even Care pets (aside from Roneth), Paul appears to have done it before, or at least already knows how to do it.

  1. Step on the conveyor belt.
  2. Walk on it until it reaches 7.
  3. Step onto the piano keys. Clones of the player will appear.
  4. Move so that one of the clones touches Pen, which will collect her.

Notably, in later visits, the piano puzzle in Pen's room vanishes, and the conveyor changes from going 2 to 7, into 16 to -1, and is used in catching Care NLM.


Pen's description on the Pets menu is read in Petscop 7, after Paul checks the Child Library. It is mashed through and displayed for a very short amount of time.

Pen is an aspiring mathematician.

She's entirely deaf. She doesn't
even know what sound is, let alone

I don't know what she's doing