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Even Care

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The Even Care building
The Even Care building
Pop-up when standing out in front
Pop-up when standing out in front
Even Care

Even Care is  a  the only building on the Gift Plane. It is located to the right of the "Gift Plane" gate, but before the void at the end of the road. It's a pink building with blue around the bottom of the walls, with a large yard in front; the yard is surrounded by a hedge, and many conical trees dot the grass on either side of the path. "EVEN CARE" is written out on top of the roof, just behind the entrance to the building.

"Odd Care"

Odd Care is the fan nickname for a variant of Even Care that is visited several times over the course of the videos, in which the background music is different. Some other changes may be present; certain doors may be closed or opened, the state of the cages in Amber's Room may be different, and Pen's Room is significantly different; there are no piano keys, and the conveyor belt number goes from 16 to -1 instead of 2 to 7. It is first introduced during a Demo mode sequence in Petscop 9.



This is a work-in-progress map of Even Care. (The pink areas are solid walls.) It is roughly to scale, with one "tile" being the same as in-game.

Rooms in Even Care
Back Door
Amber's Room
Roneth's Room
Empty Room
Pen's Room
Wavey & Randice's Room
a big ol map