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Wavey and Randice's Room

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Gardening time
Gardening time
Wavey & Randice's Room
  • Contains Pieces 12

This room is south of the Empty Room. Wavey and Randice can be found here. It contains Pieces 12, in two groups of three and one group of six.

There is a pink chest of drawers in the top-right corner of the room. An umbrella sticks out into the out-of-bounds area in the center of the left wall. A bucket is in the middle of the room, and can be pushed if the player walks into it. There are two grassy patches in the bottom-left and mid-right. For unknown reasons, the mid-right grass patch has dirt that extends far below the room — it is the only room of Even Care to exhibit this quirk.

Randice starts in the bottom-left grass patch, with Wavey above them. If the player approaches Randice, they will disappear into the ground and reappear in the opposite patch. Wavey rains down onto the ground where Randice is, and if Randice moves, will reappear over them the next time they appear.

Catching Randice and Wavey involves moving the bucket to the place Randice will appear when they move, and then walking towards them. Randice will attempt to move into the other patch, but will bump into the bucket from below, and then pop out behind the bucket. Wavey will appear where Randice normally spawns, and will rain down into the bucket. Randice will then appear to wilt, and Wavey will be trapped in the bucket, with his face on the top of the water. They can both then be caught by walking into them.

Moving the bucket Ready to catch
Moving the bucket Got 'em