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Frozen House

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Paul's first visit
Paul's first visit

The Frozen House

The Frozen House is a house located somewhere on the Newmaker Plane; its exact location therein is unknown. When Paul first locates it, the door is locked; the Green Key he has unlocks the door, but he still cannot open it. After some time pacing on the road in front of the house, a sound[todo: upload] is heard and, after Paul checks it again, the door has opened.

The house is one of the three locations pictured along the Building Photo Path, along with the School and the Windmill. Similarly, it is a location mentioned by Marvin in Petscop 6 and by one of the messages from Pink TOOL in Petscop 7.

Note that it may not be the house shown in the images; the house that Marvin draws and the house that appear in the picture are green, while the Frozen House itself is black:

House colors
The picture The house
Marvin needs "1,000 words" for picture beyond Newmaker Basement pathway
Why, that is not green at all!

An additional sign that these houses may not be the same (or possibly just an oversight by the creators) is that the doors are horizontally swapped; the house in the picture has its doorknob on the left, while the Frozen House has it on the right:

The picture (zoomed) The house (zoomed, while locked)
it's like two pixels, but it's on the left. you can still tell this after the door is open, as well



The house's design and appearance largely does not change from episode to episode; the only significant changes are a ladder on the side of the house late in Petscop 11 and new signs and steps by the road in Petscop 14.

Petscop 11


Paul finds the house in Petscop 11, after moving north-west from the Gray Wheel. There is a sign out front, and it is initially locked, though when Paul arrives he already has the Green Key to unlock it.

The sign out front:

Image Text

This is a frozen house, captured
three times, exactly as it was.

Paul approaches the front door; interacting with it dims the lighting as the key floats towards it. Once it unlocks (but doesn't open) the door, a textbox appears:

Image Text

The key still works.

It still works.

... Though you've unlocked the
door, you can't open it.

This (and the comment Paul makes) is a not-so-subtle reference to the "Or not, but you don't know how to open doors" message in the Even Care Lobby.

Paul walks around the house, but nothing is out of the ordinary. Eventually, he walks along the road in front of it, and after some walking back and forth, a tone[todo: upload] plays, and the door is open the next time he checks.

Second visit

No ladder here, yet Marvin put up a ladder, broke in and dislodged the AC unit, ran off with Care, and yet somehow after a scene rewind the ladder still exists but everything ELSE is normal.

Paul checks outside of the house, walking around it. The camera now moves with him; as such, he can see that an AC unit is sticking out of the wall where Care's Bedroom is.

While revisiting Care's Bedroom, Marvin breaks in through the window and runs off with Care A. The scene resets to before Marvin broke in, and Paul checks the side of the house; there is now a ladder there, which he uses to repeat Marvin's action by breaking in and capturing Care A.

Petscop 13

In Petscop 13, the house itself is no different to its appearance in Petscop 11.

Petscop 14

This section is not finished.
  • The sign out front is different
  • Additional signs with a balloon, a cake, and a picture of Care A
  • Arrows in the ground pointing upwards
  • Camera won't move away from this view at all