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Newmaker Plane

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Wandering the endless expanse
Wandering the endless expanse

The Newmaker Plane
  • First visited in Petscop 1
  • Revisited in most episodes
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post-Petscop 9 content

The Newmaker Plane is a large, possibly endless, expanse of green grass, shrouded in constant darkness. Under it, possibly unsurprisingly, is the Under the Newmaker Plane area.

Due to its nature of being a large, open area, with little to no waypoints, it is unknown if it is one singular Plane, or multiple, disconnected, Planes. That some locations tie into one another can at least group some of them into "sections".


Known areas

Some of the locations on the Newmaker Plane can be tied together by their co-existence with other locations, and the ability to walk between them. For some locations, there is no clear evidence that you can reach another group from the location you are currently at.

  • Unknown
    • The building that leads to the Even Care Back Door. You are warped there from a gift within a small building in the Gray Party Room, but never see any other areas
    • The School is not seen from any other location
    • The bench in front of the school, likewise, isn't connected anywhere else

Not an exhaustive list, but makes creating a definitive map of this area difficult.

Entrances and exits

Even Care

Under the Newmaker Plane


Points of interest


Petscop 1

Petscop 2

Petscop 4

Petscop 6

  • After watching the screen in the TOOL Room showing the Windmill, and seeing Marvin do his thing, he returns topside to visit the Camera and Windmill.
  • As a result of Marvin's manipulation, Toneth appears, and is later caught, south of the Camera.

Petscop 8