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Toneth on the Pets menu.
Toneth on the Pets menu.
Toneth on the Newmaker Plane.
Toneth on the Newmaker Plane.

Toneth is a pet that cannot be found in Even Care, unlike the other Pets. He is a red bird creature with a large, circular body, as well as arms and legs.

Roneth's in-game description suggests that Toneth is Roneth's older half-brother.

Toneth does not ordinarily appear throughout Petscop. During part of Petscop 6, Marvin spawns various blocks and objects, one of which is Toneth. Toneth is left over when Marvin leaves and is able to be caught.

Toneth and Randice are friends, as described by the picture near the entrance to Even Care's lobby. Like with Amber's trophy in her room, Toneth's name is displayed in color (Toneth and Randice).

Image Text

It's a picture of two friends,
Toneth and Randice.

Are they not cute? Give them a


How to catch Toneth is not known. The message at the end of Petscop 13 affirms that " caught every pet in Even Care (aside from Toneth, who isn't here yet)."

Toneth is only caught due to Marvin's actions in Petscop 6. When he exists, bumping into him is enough to catch him.


Toneth's description is read after catching him in Petscop 6. It appears to be a mixture of placeholder text, design notes, and then a long, rambling message that goes off the bottom of the screen.

(Enter a description here)


- A bird. I think I forgot what
birds look like.

- "Funny stupid blob monster"
says Mike. That's what it is.

- Painter. Painting puzzle.

- Catch Randice first(?)

- Has broken leg for some reason.
I already hung him on a wall, too
late to take it back. It makes me
think about the dog actually.
Because when the car hit him I
thought "at least it will be over
soon." He survived it, and I was
the only one who still wanted to put
him down.A dog is an innocent
(The text continues drawing below the bottom of the
screen for several seconds, unable to be read;
in-game, it overflows the textbox and continues on
for several lines)

When that dog wags its tail and it
it appears happy, it's not real.

I guess that's toneth then.
toneth toneth toneth toneth
toneth toneth toneth toneth
toneth toneth toneth toneth
toneth toneth toneth toneth
toneth. the end. it's yucky outside.
(The last line of text overlaps the bottom of the textbox)