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Roneth on the Pets menu.
Roneth on the Pets menu.
Roneth in his hallway.
Roneth in his hallway.

Roneth is a pet found in his room. He is an upright creature consisting of a red bird's head (like Toneth), a jagged and blue vertical piece, and a green bean-shaped bottom. He will alternate between looking left and right regularly.

The in-game description suggests that Roneth is Toneth's baby half-brother.

Roneth will back away when approached, eventually rising up into the air if the player continues. He cannot be caught without additional help.


Roneth is finally caught in Petscop 13. Unlike all of the other Even Care pets, Paul does not know how to catch him. The method to catch him is revealed earlier in Petscop 13, by using the bucket from the Green House to "catch" a blue TOOL.

  1. Push the bucket from Wavey and Randice's Room out into the connecting room, and continue through Pen's room and Amber's room.
  2. Push the bucket upwards towards Roneth until he begins to float upwards.
  3. Position it so that it is directly under where Roneth is.
  4. Retreat downwards. Roneth will come down and land in the bucket.
  5. Touch the bucket to catch him.

The bucket serves triple duty in allowing Randice, Wavey, and Roneth to be caught.


Roneth's description is read after catching him in Petscop 13.

Roneth is Toneth's baby

Because he's younger, he gets to
learn from all of Toneth's

That's why he always looks both

He doesn't get into trouble. You
won't have to watch him all the
time. He's good.