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Roneth's Room

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Shortly before liftoff
Shortly before liftoff
Roneth's Room

Roneth's room is entered via the right exit from Amber's Room. It is a large vertical hallway that contains Roneth, who runs away from the player when they approach. It is unknown if there is any other exit from this room.

A cheat code can be entered in this room; it will play a sound when entered, room transitions change from being fast whiteouts to slow blackouts, and the exit that normally leads from the Even Care Lobby to the Gift Plane will instead lead to the Even Care alternate exit on the Newmaker Plane.


Up, up, and away...

When the player approaches Roneth, Roneth will back away towards the end of the room. After a certain point, he flies upwards, off of the screen. When the player backs away, Roneth will come back down.

In Petscop 9, the door leading to Roneth's room is closed, and it couldn't be visited.