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Gift Plane

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Gift Plane

The Gift Plane is where the game starts.

It is a white, foggy area, lined with blue gift boxes on thin poles. The player starts on a path lined with rails.


After walking to the right for a short distance, the player encounters a bright pink sign:

Image Text

The Gift Plane has closed
indefinitely, and all personnel
have left.

If you are unaware, The Gift
Plane provided homes to over a
hundred young Pets.

Unfortunately, we have failed to
remove all of the Pets from their

48 Pets remain here, at the time
of writing.

We would strongly encourage you
to visit our 8 homes and find
some friends to take with you.

Every Pet is uniquely valuable.
You should have no problem
finding somebody that you love.

- The Gift Plane staff

Even Care building

GiftPlaneEvenCareEntry.png GiftPlaneEvenCareBuilding.png

To the right of the sign, under the entryway, is the Even Care building, the first (and only) "level". When you pass in front of it, a small banner saying "Even Care" will appear.

Going up will move the camera towards the entrance. Entering it will lead to the Even Care Lobby.

White void


An empty area. The road simply ends. Paul remarks on it by noting that the game is "apparently unfinished".