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Even Care Lobby

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Use cheat code for service
Use cheat code for service
Even Care Lobby

The first room you enter in Even Care. The background scrolls to the left slowly. It contains a block with a flower pattern attached to the left wall, a group of two chairs next to a small table, and a larger chair next to what appears to be a desk. There are two arrows pointing to the eastern exit.

There is a picture hanging by the entry door showing Toneth and Randice.

There are Pieces 7 to collect, in groups of 4 and 3.

Western door

The western exit assumedly leads back to the Gift Plane. After Paul puts in the secret code, it exits to the Newmaker Plane, right outside the alternate Even Care building.

When that building is entered in Petscop 9, the player instead appears in the (now open) Back Door room behind the northern door, and the western door is closed.

There is a picture of Toneth and Randice next to the door:

Image Text

It's a picture of two friends,
Toneth and Randice.

Are they not cute? Give them a

Northern door

Image Text

This door is locked.

Or not, but you don't know how
to open doors.

In Petscop 1, the northern door is closed. The player is unable to open it. When Even Care is revisited in Petscop 9, the door is open, accessed from the back door.

Eastern door

The right exit with the arrows.

There are two arrows pointing to the eastern door, which leads to the first hallway.