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Even Care Hallway

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An open door... for now
An open door... for now
Even Care First Hallway

Entered from the lobby of Even Care. It is a straight hallway going east-west, and contains 6 pieces, two signs, and almost nothing else.

Petscop 10

When visited in Petscop 10 from Amber's Room, the western door closes by itself as the player approaches. The eastern door is still open, but the game freezes before they can enter it.

The door is open again when the player returns after loading their save.

Western door

The left door goes back to the lobby.


There are two signs, one on the left, one on the right.

Image Text

When you're choosing a pet, find
somebody that you like.

You don't have to love them
right away.

Image Text

Don't be discouraged if they run
from you! They really do want a

They're afraid. Show them that
there's nothing to be afraid of.

Eastern door

The east exit.

The east door leads to Amber's Room.