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Amber's Room

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The trophy
The trophy
Amber's Room
  • Contains Pieces 18

Entered from the eastern exit of the hallway. Amber's room is fairly large, containing two smaller sections blocked by lever-operated cages. It contains Pieces 18, a trophy on a shelf, Amber (hiding in one of the cages), and three exits.


Petscop 1

In the first video, Paul collects all of the pieces and leaves the right cage open after catching Amber. They then leave for Roneth's room. When they return from there, the right cage is closed and the right lever is in the up position again.

Petscop 9

Petscop 9 revisits this room twice, once at the beginning, and later when the player visits it. In both visits, the right door to Roneth's room is no longer open.


Even though both levers are in the up position, the right cage is open. All of the pieces have reappeared. Amber is no longer present, though her trophy is.

The demo player collects three of the pieces on the path from the entrance to Pen's room.

Player revisit

The pieces that the demo collected do not reappear. Paul collects the remaining pieces, using the secret passage to get behind the left cage.

Petscop 10

Petscop 10 visits this room twice. The first time, it is the same as Petscop 9 — there are no pieces and the right cage is still open. The player uses the right lever, which puts it into the down position and closes the cage. They use the lever again, re-opening the cage and putting the lever into the up position. The player then throws the left lever, putting it down and leaving both cages open.

When they return to this room post-game-freeze, the cages and levers are in the same positions they were left in (down-open, up-open).

Western door

The left and center part

The left path goes back to the hallway. There are Pieces 3 on the path to the center.

Main area

There is a blue trophy on a shelf on the wall, in the middle of the room. Amber starts in the cage on the left. When you step up towards this part of the room, the camera will automatically lock to a single position, with the trophy in the center of the screen.

Image Text

It's a trophy, "awarded to our
Amber for being a real champ
yesterday and today."

"She hasn't left her cage once!"

There are cages on either side of the large wall in the middle. Each cage contains Pieces 6. Opening and closing the cages is done by throwing the levers near them. The cage will slide out of the room, allowing access to the blocked area. Amber will jump when approached or when a cage opens or closes; she jumps over the large wall in the middle to the other cage, even if its door is already open. Catching Amber involves leaving the cage Amber is in open, closing the other cage, entering the closing cage before it finishes closing, and intercepting her when she jumps into the now-closed cage.

There is a hidden, invisible path in the large wall allowing travel between the cages. It's unknown how Amber reacts if you travel through it, or what happens if you lock yourself inside with both cages closed.

Southern door

Pretend this image is different

The southern exit leads to Pen's Room. The archway over the door has the same flower symbol as the floating block in the lobby.

Eastern door

The right side

The east door leads to Roneth's Room. There are Pieces 3 on the path from the center. In Petscop 9, the door is closed and the pathway extending right is no longer there.