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Amber on the Pets menu.
Amber on the Pets menu.
Amber inside an open cage.
Amber inside an open cage.

Amber is a pet found in her room. She is a purple ball with pink-red eyes and a face, wearing a brown-ish hat. When she's in an open cage in her room, she'll jump between to the other cage. Alternatively, if a cage closes, she'll jump to that one.

Amber is described in more detail by a trophy in her room. Like the picture with Toneth and Randice in the Even Care Lobby, her name appears colored in the trophy's text (Amber):

Image Text

It's a trophy, "awarded to our
Amber for being a real champ
yesterday and today."

"She hasn't left her cage once!"


Amber is caught in Petscop 1. Like all of the Even Care pets (aside from Roneth), Paul appears to have done it before, or at least already knows how to do it.

  1. Open the cage Amber is in. She will jump to the other one.
  2. Open the other cage as well. Amber will jump back to the first cage.
  3. Approach the first cage. Amber will jump away again.
  4. Close the first cage, but walk into the cage as the gate closes. Amber will jump back into the now-closed cage.
  5. Touch Amber to collect her.

While this might look like you have trapped yourself, Amber's Room has a hidden path between the cages. It's unknown what happens if you manage to trap yourself by closing both cages, or what happens if you simply walk between the cages while Amber is in one that's already closed.


Amber's description on the Pets menu is read immediately after being caught:

Amber is a young ball.

She's afraid to leave home. If her
home is good, this is not a problem.

She is very heavy, and that makes
her life a little harder, as well as

What's the safest place you can
put her in? You should start
thinking about that.