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Cheat codes

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The game recognizes at least two different cheat codes with varying effects:

Even Care

The note that was included with the game reveals a secret code that can be entered in Roneth's room, while the game is paused.

The code is Down Down Down Down Down Right Start. On the final press of Start, the game unpauses and plays a sound to confirm entry.

Doing so causes the Even Care music to stop playing, and makes the exit to Even Care lead to the Newmaker Plane. Additionally, the transitions in Even Care go from being fade-to-white, to being fade-to-black, and take much longer than usual. This effect does not persist when Even Care is revisited later.

Texture Editor

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This code is revealed in Petscop 15, and allows the current player to see the textures the game is using, as well as drawing on them with a pencil cursor.