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Pause menu

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Nothing suspicious here...

The pause menu shows a small screenshot of the in-game view, the number of Pieces pieces collected, one of many text messages, and several options.


  • Resume Game: Unpauses.
  • Options: This option has not been used during a video yet.
  • Pets: View a list of pets, or when standing in front of the Child Library, drop a pet.
  • Book of Baby Names: This option is shown to not do anything in Petscop 6 at 8:40. Paul comments that it may have given suggestions for names, if you could rename pets.
  • Quit Game: First shown in Petscop 6 at 8:38. Presents 3 further options, neither of which have been used during a video:
    • Just Quit: Assumedly would return to the title screen without saving.
    • Save and Quit: Would save and quit. How and what this game saves has not been explained.
    • Don't Quit: Would likely cancel out of the menu.

The "Quit Game" option is not available during Demo mode. As the options are aligned to the bottom, the fadeout is misaligned and ends up hiding all but the above choice (e.g. if "Pets" is chosen, everything but "Options" would fade out).

The pause menu accepts a cheat code while it is open in Roneth's Room.


The pause screen has a message in the top right. The message changes at various points in the game.

Message 1

Petscop 1: at 4:00, in Roneth's Room:

We hope you are
enjoying the game.

Message 2

Petscop 6, at 5:42, by the Windmill camera:

Have you found
anything weird

There is much to
find in this place.

Message 3

Petscop 7, at 5:03, in front of the Child Library:

Take them home!

Message 4

Petscop 9, at 12:53, in the Daisy Shack basement:

You're in the
other place too!

This message may refer to how the actions in Pen's room affected Care NLM in the daisy shack basement.

Message 5

Petscop 9, at 13:59, in front of the Child Library:

The pets really
seem to like you.
Thanks for playing

Message 6

Petscop 11, at 23:09, in Care's Bedroom after collecting Care A:

I'll come out in a
Keep playing.

Message 7

Demo mode

Whenever Demo mode is active (e.g. Petscop 12 at 7:23), a different message is shown:

Demo Recording

This message likely means that what is happening in-game is part of a recorded demo (i.e. playback).