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Care A

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Care A on the Pets menu.
Care A on the Pets menu.
Care A in her room.
Care A in her room.
Care A

Care A is a "pet" found in her room. She is one of the three variants of Care, along with Care B and Care NLM. She's a human girl with brown hair; unlike Care B or Care NLM, she is standing fully upright and her hair is well-kept and not disheveled.


who stands on their bed, anyway It's not clear why breaking in and ruining the AC unit also happens to remove this

At first, Care A is in her room on her bed. The air conditioner in her room is on, and the room appears to have blue "fog" over it. Every few moments, she will shiver, turn slightly blue, and emit a sound[todo: upload, describe]. (📝 POI: The sound Care makes is the same one that the Needles Piano makes for its "C" note.)

When approached normally, a white, semi-transparent box with wireframes will appear over her, which appears to prevent catching her. This box is not present after breaking in through the window and the A/C unit is broken on the floor.


Care A is caught in Petscop 11, though not before Marvin gets her first. As the exact steps aren't entirely known, this is just how she was caught.

  1. Enter the closet in Care's Bedroom. The closet door will close.
  2. Marvin will break into the bedroom through the window, displacing the A/C unit and landing on the bed. He will catch Care A himself, and then leave.
  3. The room will reset to before Marvin broke in. A ladder has now appeared on the right wall of the Frozen House — use it to repeat Marvin's actions.
  4. After you reappear in the bedroom, you will be on the bed. Walk forwards to "catch" Care A.
  5. Walk off the bed to jump off and return to the floor.

Catching Care A and leaving her room will trigger a noise[todo: section link] and message, regardless of if it is Paul or Marvin who has left.

The device outside of Care's bedroom will play a sound and display a message:

Image Text

Care left the room.

In Petscop 2, the Office phone was ringing. When answered, it displayed the same message, though it is currently unknown why:

Image Text

"Care left the room."


Care A's description on the Pets menu is read immediately after being caught:

When the emergency began, you
were all looking for Care A.

I told you all, we would never find
Care A. When Care A goes missing,
she goes missing forever.

My brother didn't want us to find
him, because he knew we were all
looking for Michael A.

I'm back. This is my present for

I started it in 1996, for Marvin.

If you think they're worth any
effort, see if you can save Care
B, or Care NLM. Care B is in the
school, of course.

Fuck you all, and fuck me as well.
Merry Christmas. Check your
bathroom now.

- Rainer