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Care NLM

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Care NLM on the Pets menu.
Care NLM on the Pets menu.
In the daisy shack, post-lie
In the daisy shack, post-lie
Care NLM

Care NLM is a "pet". She is one of the three variants of Care, along with Care A and Care B. She is in the Daisy Shack's basement, on top of a raised pedestal. The pedestal lowers to the ground if all of the petals on the daisy in the room above have been picked.

Under normal circumstances, she is on her knees, crying into her hands. If all of the petals on the giant daisy in the Daisy Shack have been picked, and the room is tinted red, Care NLM will appear jittery and glitchy, and cannot be caught.


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Petscop 2

She appears on a pedestal in the Daisy Shack basement. Paul picks off all the petals on the daisy in the main floor, lowering the pedestal and turning Care NLM into a glitchy mess. Well done!

Petscop 9

Paul cheats and sets the petals picked counter to -1, making Care NLM not look glitched out and letting him capture her. He later deposits her into the Child Library only to re-catch her shortly afterwards.


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  1. pick everything
  2. go to the gray party room
  3. get warped to the Newmaker Plane, by the building that leads to the Even Care Back Door, and go through Even Care to Pen's Room
  4. step on the treadmill and change the 0 to -1
  5. crash the game like an idiot
  6. go back to the Daisy Shack basement, where Care NLM will have exchanged being dead for being tangible
  7. that was easy


  1. enter Care's room in the Child Library while she's in it
  2. interact with her on her bed to catch her again


Care NLM escaped from the
school's basement and wandered
the Newmaker Plane for days.

To catch her, you had to lie, but it
may not be a lie forever.

You're the Newmaker. You can
turn Care NLM into Care A, and
close the loop.