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Sounds in Petscop are used in various ways. It's hard to write a description for this so just go with it, OK?

Background tones

This section is not finished.
need to add when these play, of course

Petscop 2

Played when the Newmaker Plane Cellar Door opens, and when Quitter's mimicry of the Player desyncs.

Petscop 6

Tones heard in the background at 5:32 when Toneth is caught, from the right.

Petscop 7

Music played in the Quitter's Room when Quitter disappears from the room.

Petscop 11


Played when the Player is locked in the closet.

Played when the closet reopens when the scene resets.

Played when Care A is removed from Care's Bedroom, either by Marvin or the Player.

School segment

Played in the School Music Room when Marvin spawns the Needles Piano.

Fanfare when the Needles Piano is picked up, shared with the sound effect when sitting at the desk in Petscop 15.

Road segment

Background audio consisting of a thud, followed by a constant falling and rising hum, and then a clock ticking with occasional large-clock chimes.

The clock ticks and chimes are, unlike the rest of the noises, played in stereo, with a slight echo.

Petscop 15

Plays when the Player sits down at the desk after Marvin's request. Shared with picking up the Needles Piano.

Sound that plays when the texture editor ("NIFTY menu") is opened or closed.

Phonetic speech system

Each character has a unique sound that plays when finishing a word.

Sound used when the Player speaks.

Sound used when Marvin speaks.

Sound used when Belle/Tiara speaks.