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Newmaker Plane Cellar Door

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Not ominous at all
Not ominous at all

Cellar Door

The Cellar Door is one of two apparent entrances down Under the Newmaker Plane, the other one being the Back Stairway Exit.

It is first seen in Petscop 1. After Paul exits the Even Care Lobby and appears in front of the Newmaker Plane Even Care Exit, he wanders around for approximately 15 minutes and stumbles across it.

(📝 POI: While you enter the stairs heading north, you appear in the next room heading south; when you exit by going north up the back stairway, you exit facing north, making this inconsistent — oversight, or mundane like the stairs just turning around?)


But you don't know how to open doors...
  • Petscop 1: Paul runs into it after wandering the Newmaker Plane, but does not remember how he got there (other than randomly moving a lot). The door is closed.
  • Petscop 2: The video starts with the player next to the door; after some time, a series of tones play and the door opens on its own. Paul returns shortly after, mentioning that it happened while he was away.