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Under the Newmaker Plane

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Thanks, TOOL.
Thanks, TOOL.

Under the Newmaker Plane
  • First visited in Petscop 2
  • Revisited in most episodes
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Mostly just putting something here to collect the locations within

Under the Newmaker Plane is... well, under the Newmaker Plane. The name of this place comes from a question asked to TOOL in Petscop 5: "Where am I?" was answered by the image on the right, which says, literally, "under the Newmaker Plane".

While the visibility on the Newmaker Plane proper is poor — everything's still dark, but you have a large light circle — areas beneath it tend to be much darker, with a smaller light radius. Rather than an open, sprawling grassland, this place is full of smaller rooms and hallways, with no truly 'open' area.