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Building Photo Path

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From the Office
From the Office

  • Contains Pieces 44
  • Exits:
    • The Road (upper right)
    • The Office (lower right)
    • Unknown (lower left)

The Building Photo Path (sometimes also called the "art gallery") is a winding, zig-zagging path. Along the path's west and north borders are the usual red-ground walls; the south and east borders of the path appear to be open pits. The floor in the room is the typical gray square tile, though it only covers the floor and does not continue downwards, as seen in some other rooms. Sounds in this room also echo.

The main feature of this room is its three pictures of various buildings seen elsewhere.

At the southernmost part of the path, a path to the east leads to the Office; at the northern end, the path continues right to the Road. The path itself continues south past the Office pathway, but the camera stops following the player; as such, it is impossible to know how far it goes or where it may lead, if anywhere.

The pathway contains Pieces 44 in total:

  • Pieces 12, in 3 groups of 2×2 squares, spaced along the first northern path, after turning north from the Office pathway
  • Pieces 4, in a 2×2 square, on the east-west part between the first and second pictures
  • Pieces 12, in 3 groups of 2×2 squares, spaced along the second northern path
  • Pieces 4, in a 2×2 square, on the east-west part between the second and third pictures
  • Pieces 12, in 3 groups of 2×2 squares, spaced along the northernmost path, before the right turn to the Road

A rough text-based map:

      W  (Windmill picture)
    S |  (School picture)
  F |  (Frozen House picture)


Frozen House photo

In-world Full view
this is not my beautiful house
i;m thinking about those doorknobs

A photo that seems to show the Frozen House, though the photo here features green walls, compared to the actual house's black walls.

School photo

In-world Full view
These pictures are really hard to see without the brightening.
The school is the only one that really looks exactly alike, strangely

A photo of the School building. It appears to be quite similar to the real thing.

The first time Paul looked at this picture, a deep sound[todo: upload] played.

Windmill photo

In-world Full view
The path to the right here goes to the road, so there's no pieces.
Not much to say here other than the original is still really fucking dark

A pretty plain photo of the Windmill, though at a higher resolution than can be seen in-game normally.


Petscop 2

In Petscop 2, Paul enters the path through the Office. He walks along the path south, but the camera does not follow. The light circle and footsteps vanish, and after a few seconds, he walks back up.

He follows the path up, right, up, right, up, and right, entering the Road, stopping at each picture on the way and collecting all Pieces 44.

When he examines the photo of the School, an ominous sound plays.

Petscop 8

Marvin squishing his face into a wall for a while

In Petscop 8, Marvin appears from the Road while Paul is investigating it; he comes to the path that way, passes by the Windmill photo, and then stops at the School picture. As Paul examines it, Marvin begins moving in a counter-clockwise circle in front of it. After some time, Marvin moves on to the Frozen House photo; once again, Paul checks it and Marvin begins moving in a CCW circle. Marvin then proceeds down to where the pathway to the Office is, but walks into the solid wall. After some time of not moving, he spins in a CCW circle for a few seconds.

After this, Marvin begins heading north along the western wall, soon rising up into the air as if walking up stairs and vanishing. Paul heads through the Office and so on to try to find him above.

After a jump cut occurs, Paul is back where Marvin first started running against the wall, talking to an unheard third party about the possibility of there being an opening there at a different point in time.