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The windmill, as seen fromthe TOOL Room screen
The windmill, as seen from
the TOOL Room screen


The Windmill is a curious structure, the appearance of which changes depending on conditions.

In-game references


Along with the School and Frozen House, the Windmill is featured in the Building Photo Path, as the last picture before the Road.

Original Brightened
Picture-Windmill.png Picture-Windmill-Bright.png


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(Unknown Girl's room in the Child Library), etc.

Small models



  • Petscop 2, when Paul visits the TOOL Room and interacts with the screen in the back. After checking it, TOOL floats a message reading "Keep watching the windmill", but nothing further happens. In this view, the windmill was fully visible.
  • Petscop 4, when Paul realizes that the camera is directly above the TOOL room, and the windmill north of it. When checked, it is invisible.
  • Petscop 6; the first portion of the video is a several-hours-long segment of watching the windmill from the TOOL Room; the windmill goes from visible to invisible some time after Marvin rotates the camera.
  • Petscop 9, after Paul learns the Shadow Monster Man glitch, and enters the back of the windmill


The windmill may either be invisible and intangible, or visible, depending on certain circumstances.



When the Shadow Monster Man "glitch" is active, the windmill appears normally — that is, as an ordinary windmill. The windmill's appearance is at least affected by Paul and Marvin.

In Petscop 2, the windmill is visible from the TOOL Room screen. There are a few implications of this:

  • Marvin was in the Shadow Monster Man state for the entire time
  • Viewing the windmill through the screen in the TOOL Room may show the windmill even the Shadow Monster Man state is not active
    • However, in Petscop 6, the windmill, as viewed through the screen, transitions into its "invisible" state
    • This may be related to the camera becoming red as well

Paul is only able to go inside when the windmill is visible and he is in the Shadow Monster Man state.



In other cases, the location of the windmill, north of the camera, is normally occupied by a semi-transparent platform, floating slightly off the ground, shifting back and forth regularly. In this state, it cannot be interacted with.

This is usually seen only when Paul is visiting it directly, or in Petscop 6, some time after Marvin stops manipulating objects.

Inside the Windmill

On the inside
On the inside

Inside the Windmill

Inside the Windmill are two gears, a white TOOL, and a semi-transparent, flickering girl. Under and mixed in with the gears are various shapes of pieces.

Original Brightened
Windmill-Inside-Before.png Windmill-Inside-Before-Bright.png

Using the White TOOL


Interacting with the white TOOL will make it rise and approach the pile of pieces, as the screen fades to black. After the screen has faded, Paul is awarded Pieces 50. Once the pieces have finished counting up, the screen fades back in.

At this point, the pieces and the girl are gone, and the gears are now rotating in the opposite direction. Upon exiting, the reverse of direction has affected the rotation of the windmill's blades as well.

The girl

On top of the pile of pieces and the larger gear is a pink, conical piece, topped with the head of a girl. The girl's face is also on a sign on the left, in the same form as the faces on the Flower Shack and Mike's Grave. Accordingly, this face can be entered into the Child Library.