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Shadow Monster Man

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After the "secret" is discovered.
After the "secret" is discovered.

"Shadow Monster Man"

A version of the Player seen after passing through the hidden right exit of the Daisy Shack basement entrance by Mike's Grave. As the player fades to black, they can exit the entrance by moving right instead of forwards, and then teleport outside of the shack without fading back in. It can be cancelled by walking into and out of the path into the basement normally.

Marvin appears to use this same trick in Petscop 6. Based on the Windmill's appearance on the TOOL Room screen, he may have been using it for some time.

One of the loading screens appears to depict the path that is used:

Original Brightened
The basement? Not much light here


  • The Player sprite appears completely black.
  • The Windmill appears normally instead of being a transparent platform.