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Loading screens

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It's a good thing this disk has no scratches, huh

Loading screens are often shown When transitioning between certain areas within Petscop.

The loading screens tend to mimic the places they are displayed in, to some extent; the Gift Plane ones are bright and wite, the Even Care ones are a bit more pink and busy, and the ones on the Newmaker Plane and Under the Newmaker Plane tend to be much darker, often extremely hard to see without brightening the image.

Gift Plane

Loading screens displayed in the Gift Plane section.

Gift Plane / New File


Pink "Loading!" text on a purple platform, with a Gift Plane gift box behind it.

Shown when entering the Gift Plane, for example after creating a new save file.

Even Care


Pink "Loading" text on a checkerboard background, with a wavy filter applied. Shown when entering Even Care.

Even Care (Demo)

Through the gates of Heaven

Gray "Loading" text seen through the Gift Plane entry gates. Shown when the Demo mode activates and starts inside Even Care.

Newmaker Plane

Loading screens displayed in the upper and lower dark areas.

Quitter's Face

Original Brightened
2spooky5me Brightened for your viewing pleasure

A very dark, partial image of Tiara/Belle's face graphic, as seen in the Quitter's Room. This is shown when entering the "upper layer" of the Newmaker Plane, where the cellar doors is.

Empty Newmaker Plane

Original Brightened
Sure is dark down here The grass is always greener

What appears to just be a picture of the Newmaker Plane. Shown at various times along with the above image.

Shadow Monster Man Path

Original Brightened
The basement? Not much light here

A very dark descending path, with a door forward and a door to the right; the right door is emitting a very faint red light. Likely a reference to the Shadow Monster Man "glitch" in the Flower Shack entrance in the Mike's Grave area.

Marvin Mode

A PlayStation Disc as seen from below, perhaps

A very thick, black circle, on a bright pink background, somewhat resembling the bottom of a PlayStation™ disc.

Quitter's Room

Original Brightened
Hi there. Again. At least it's visible now?

A very dark, birds-eye-view picture of the Quitter's Room furniture, as seen from the left (correct) half of the room. Interestingly, the Amber's Room icon cube from Petscop 10 does not appear to be present.

Cone Piece

Original Brightened
I know they're called pieces now. I liked dinglebops better.

A very large picture of the blue cone piece, bright enough to be somewhat visible without squinting.

This section is not finished.
There's at least two new ones,
from entering the Frozen House and also the Garage within it