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Furnace Room

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Furnace Room

The Furnace Room is the first room seen when walking through the Cellar Door. The name is based on the object to the right of the stairs; a black square with a black pipe rising out of it, which oscillates left and right.

The room itself is comprised mostly of a brown, dirt-like texture. Sounds in this room have a slight echo to them, like many rooms in this area. The room is mostly rectangular, with a small alcove coming off of the bottom-right corner.

It contains Pieces 8, separated into two square groups of Pieces 4; one to the left of the stairs, and one to the right in an alcove.



Pushing will protect you from the terrible secret of Petscop

The center-top of the room is dominated by stairs leading up to Cellar Door. To the left of the stairs, in the upper-left corner of the room, is a square group of Pieces 4.

On the left wall is an opening leading to the Office Hallway.


I wonder if it's connected to Tiara's room, somehow?

To the right of the stairs is the titular furnace (or furnace-like thing), a black object that moves back and forth slightly, with a pipe coming out the top. Its actual purpose and function are unknown.

Picture Alcove

Someone said these are clock faces, but I just don't see it myself.

In the bottom right of the room is another alcove, with another square group of Pieces 4. There are various framed images of the wall, though it's difficult to make anything out — only that there are two pictures of something circular, and then three copies of another picture.


Petscop 2

Paul comes down here after the cellar door opens for the first time and exits to the Office Hallway.

Petscop 8

Paul traverses this room from the Office Hallway up through the Cellar Door when he attempts to find Marvin.

Petscop 12

Tiara comes in via the Office Hallway and heads up the stairs via the Cellar Door.