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Office Hallway

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The left exit, where the path narrows
The left exit, where the path narrows

Office Hallway

The Office Hallway is a long hallway, connecting the Office on its left, to the Furnace Room on its right. Its floor is made out of the common gray tiles seen elsewhere, and the walls are made out of the similarly common red-ground texture. The player's footsteps echo here.

The hallway itself is somewhat wide throughout, before narrowing into a one "block" wide passageway at the left. It contains 5 groups of pieces along the way:

  • Group of Pieces 5 at the left passageway, in a 1-2-2 layout due to the narrowing path
  • Group of Pieces 6 left of the center, in a 3×2 rectangle
  • Group of Pieces 4 in the center of the hallway, in a 2×2 square
  • Group of Pieces 8 right of the center, in a 4×2 rectangle
  • Group of Pieces 4 at the right passageway, in a 2×2 square


Petscop 2

In Petscop 2, Paul walks through this hallway to the left as he approaches the Office. The phone within the Office can be heard ringing early in, and grows louder the closer he gets to the door. He collects all of the pieces in this room as he travels through it.

Petscop 8

In Petscop 8, Paul travels from the Office to the Furnace Room. All of the pieces have already been collected, and nothing out of the ordinary is seen.

Petscop 12

In Petscop 12, Tiara is briefly shown (after a jump cut) heading into the Furnace Room. The pieces in the room exist and she collects a few of them, but only because they are in the path to the door.