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Wavey on the Pets menu.
Wavey on the Pets menu.
Wavey raining on Randice.
Wavey raining on Randice.

Wavey is a pet found in their room. It is a white cloud with an uneasy expression.

Wavey initially appears rising up from the ground as vapor, collecting above its start point. It will then pause for a moment before raining onto the ground. As it follows Randice's movements, this means it will generally always be on top of Randice.

When Randice is forced to move due to a bucket blocking its normal position, Wavey does not move with it, and instead rains down, collecting in the bucket.


Wavey is caught in Petscop 1. Like all of the Even Care pets (aside from Roneth), Paul appears to have done it before, or at least already knows how to do it.

  1. Approach Randice so it moves to the other grass patch.
  2. Push the bucket onto the spot Randice was occupying.
  3. Approach Randice again so it moves back to its original grass patch.
  4. Randice will bump against the bottom of it, then pop up behind the bucket. Wavey will appear where Randice normally will, and will rain itself into the bucket.
  5. Touch the bucket full of Wavey to collect it.

The bucket serves triple duty in allowing Randice, Wavey, and Roneth to be caught.


Despite being caught for a long time, Wavey's description on the Pets menu has not been read.